Compass Cargo Airlines Ltd. has officially started its activities in August 2021, operating three Boing NG 737-800.


It’s a new chapter for the company, marked by a shift of its focus after it acquired Avio Delta Ltd., which has been on the market of the aviation business in Bulgaria for many years, providing charter services.

By March 2022 Compass Cargo Airlines EOOD has initiated the process of ordering of additional 5 airplanes, Boing-737 NG, and plans to initiate their operations in the coming months.

The Company aims to include to its fleet in the next two years, as follows:

Boing 747- Freighter, which is going to be an innovative addition, as this type of aircraft is specific for long-haul flights, and hasn’t been yet used by any airline operator in Bulgaria (expected by Spring 2023)

Additional 10 aircrafts 737-NG Freighter by December 2023 (currently under negotiation)

In addition, 10 aircrafts 737-NG Freighter as well as 2 wide- bodies Boing 747-Freighter for long-haul operations (expected by December 2024)